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Speculoos-Dipped Strawberries

Valentine’s Day is around the corner.  Some of us dismiss it as a cheesy Hallmark holiday.  Some of us revel in the traditional chocolate and champagne.  Some are happy to celebrate their loved ones, some are unbearably lonely, and some are just plain angry.  Love does that to us.

I’m no expert, but as [...]

Swedish Midsummer Strawberry Meringue Layer Cake

Swedish Midsummer Strawberry Meringue Layer Cake
The result is a cross between a Swedish Midsummer Cake, a French Macaron or Dacquoise (the big sister to the macaron), an Australian Pavlova and my weird imagination. A very good cross. Let’s just say that four people demolished the entirety of this eight inch cake in one sitting. The edges of the meringue stay crisp, while the cream and the juicy strawberries soften the center into a creamy, light cake. It’s the very essence of summer — light and almost insubstantial, but deeply satisfying. [...]

The Care and Keeping of Strawberries

Springtime is strawberry season! And even though the strawberries aren’t quite there yet (the heavy rains we’ve had in California have really impacted the flavor), that hasn’t stopped me from buying and eating pounds of them — I’ve loved them since I was a baby. For your reading pleasure, below are 10 things you may not know about my favorite fruit. Strawberries [...]

Strawberry Orange Cream Cake – Happy Birthday, The Domestic Front!

Cake 2

One year ago today, I was sitting around with nothing to do, and so I started a food blog. OK, it didn’t exactly happen like that. If you’ve been reading along, you have probably realized by now that I have a life that’s rather full, what with my full time (not food-related) job, a wild monkey of a two year old running my household, and a husband to boot (though given his childcare and dishwashing contributions, I think the husband nets positive in the time calculations). But I still make the time to cook. It was my hope, when I started this blog, that I could give a little insight into how real people prepare their meals. Cooking good food, from scratch, can fit into a busy life. And I hope that in this past year this blog has inspired you — to cook when you otherwise might not have, to change up your routine, or to try something new.

This blog has certainly inspired me. It’s challenged me to figure out how recipes can be made more flavorful, more streamlined or more consistent. I’ve gone outside my comfort zone and discovered new foods. And I’ve been able to write down and record some of my family favorites.

So happy first birthday, The Domestic Front!

Now let’s talk about a party.

Where would a birthday be without cake? Since I and all of my immediate family members have fall birthdays, I never get to indulge my yen for a creamy, dreamy light springtime birthday cake … until now. This cake is four layers of fluffy orange butter cake, sandwiched together with fresh strawberries and the simplest fluffy whipped cream frosting. The whole thing is not too sweet and very satisfying. I served it to the ladies in my book club (sadly, a blog can’t eat its own birthday cake), and not to brag, but almost everyone had two slices. These are Los Angeles ladies who lunch people. We are talking serious cake. [...]

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake 1 It’s strawberry season here in Southern California, and for several weeks now we have been spending a small fortune on the world’s best strawberries at the farmer’s market, and eating them by the basketful. In fact, I think that eating them plain, unadorned and preferably unwashe is really the most sublime way to eat strawberries. The time does come, however, (though it comes after many, many, many strawberries have been eaten) when I start casting about for other things to do with my strawberries that still makes all the strawberry goodness shine through. The answer, of course, is strawberry shortcake. [...]

Make Your Mother Happy — Mint Tea Fruit Terrine

jello gelatin moulded molded mould mold fruit salad I know what you’re saying to me. You’re saying, “Kate, it is Mother’s Day on Sunday and you have provided me with NO recipes to prepare/give to my children to prepare for Mother’s Day brunch. You keep prattling on about Cinco de Mayo and it is LONG GONE.” Let me just finish my last margarita …. OK, now we’re really ready to get down to business. I’m sure the web is rife with all sorts of lovely recipes for eggs and toast and pancakes that are mother-worthy, but sadly my mother is no great fan of brunch, and breakfast food is just not ringing my bells. So I present you instead with another idea (and yes, you can pair it with eggs and pancakes, or you can pair it with chicken salad and popovers, if your mother is more like mine) — fruit salad, with a twist. A lovely fruit terrine cloaked in a refreshing minty gelee (which sounds oh so much more elegant than jello and less clinical than gelatin) which glimmers like stained glass. [...]