This page provides information on where to obtain some of the things you see on The Domestic Front.

I generally do the bulk of my shopping at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, and most of the ingredients used in my recipes can be found at one of those two places. I also shop regularly at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market, one of the biggest (and IMO, the best) farmer’s markets in Los Angeles, and I am lucky to have the rather amazing resource close by.

For specialty ingredients, particularly related to cake decoration or pastry, I often head to Surfas in Culver City, California, which is a great resource for fellow Angelenos.

I typically buy spices online from one of the following sources. Their spices are of impeccable quality. The Spice House tends to be a little less expensive than Penzeys, but this varies depending on what you order. Both shops have excellent proprietary blends. The Spice House is in the midwest, but Penzey’s has stores nationwide, including one in Santa Monica.
The Spice House

If you can’t find an ingredient locally, you are blessed to live in the internet. The following are e-tailers or brick and mortar stores with a web presence that I have shopped from and appreciate their quality: sells several specialty cheeses and condiments and delivers them in excellent condition. is a great source for thai ingredients and cookware. is a good source for Mexican ingredients.
Kalustyans is an Indian/Middle Eastern store that was my go-to destination when I lived in New York for Indian and middle eastern spices and ingredients. If you’re ever in NYC, it’s worth checking out.
Nicole’s Gourmet Foods is a teeny tiny local shop that is stuffed to the brim with all sorts of wonderful discoveries — dried porcini mushrooms, food grade lavender, grand marnier extract. They list most of their products online but you’ll have to call to purchase.

Finally, if you’re unable to find an ingredient, or you just can’t wait, I find this site invaluable and use it all the time. It’s a great introduction to ingredients, as well as a good source for substitutions.
The Cook’s Thesaurus.

My kitchenware is the result of several years of accumulation, from wedding registry, gifts and my own purchases. Some of my favorite pots and pans are discussed in this post, and I plan further posts on the subject.

Many of my favorite cookbooks, food books, tools and ingredients are available in my Amazon store.

Photography is a skill I am trying to master, but it helps to have the right tools. I currently shoot with a Canon Rebel XsI camera, with various lenses. The other equipment I use can be found in the Photography section of my Amazon store.