A Brief History of Kate

Age 4 – made a peanut butter sandwich. A revelation.
Age 10 – planned a chocolate chip cookie baking business with two friends. Only customers were our parents. Our cookies were better than our sales skills.
Age 13 — when given the option to spend a week doing anything for a school project, opted to “write” a cookbook, and cook the recipes for demonstration night. Green corn tamales a hit.
Age 17-21 — College. A real low point for food. Except for the pizza.
Age 20 — Semester in London, with three vegetarian flatmates. Came away from experience with deep appreciation for pub food and the conviction that steamed vegetables on rice do not constitute dinner.
Age 21-24 — Reject culinary school in favor of law school in New York. First “kitchen” (really, a corner with a stove). More time devoted to studying New York’s gourmet markets and neighborhood restaurants than income tax law.
Age 27 — Move back to Los Angeles. Intoxicated by year round farmer’s markets and kitchens that can fit two people.
Age 29 — Nuni born. Serious crimp in restaurant going style = better home cooking.
Age 30 — The Domestic Front (formerly Savour Fare) born. May take more time than human child.
Age 33 — Bootsy born. Take back statement about human children.

About The Domestic Front

The Domestic Front
I’m a home cook, a writer and a recipe developer. I’m also a full time lawyer, a mother, a wife, a voracious reader, an indifferent housekeeper, a sporadic sewer, and always up for a laugh. My idea of the perfect afternoon is a cup of tea, a good book, the family at home (also reading quietly), a nice plate of homemade cookies, and the promise of a home cooked meal perfuming the house.

I write The Domestic Front because I know what it’s like to be busy, to be harried, to feel like there are precious few hours in the day. But I also know the value of a family dinner cooked from scratch, an afternoon spent rolling cookies, a birthday cake baked with love. This blog is the story of how I try to build a good life in the midst of a busy one – I’ve shared the stories, recipes, projects and tips that have kept me sane, kept me happy, and kept me laughing over the past few years, and I hope they do the same for you.



The Domestic Front’s writing, photography and recipes have been featured in the Los Angeles Times, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Chicago Sun Times, the Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook(Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2010), and the The Food52 Cookbook (William Morrow, 2011). She has also been heard on the radio on KCRW’s “Good Food”.

The Domestic Front was a finalist for “Best New Blog” in the 2010 Bloggie Awards, and has been featured on the websites Saveur’s Sites We Love, Food52.com, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Tastespotting, Foodgawker, Apartment Therapy’s The Kitchn, The Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen and Brooklyn Limestone.

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