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My Latest Obsessions

Temperamentally, I tend towards moderation.   I like to vary my menus, I rarely binge-watch TV shows, I don’t wear the same clothes, or the same shoes, every day.   There are a few things …
Summer Reading List

Summer Reading List

The Nuni has just joined the summer reading program at the library, and she is SUPER excited. This is the first summer she can really read, and she is taking all sorts of delight …

Chapter Book Series for Young Girls

The Nuni, lucky child that she is, gets read to every night before bed.  We started with board books, then moved on to picture books. Right around the time she was three, I decided that …
February Reading Recommendations

February Reading Recommendations

All the readers I know are constantly looking for book recommendations. So if you're a reader, or you'd like to become one, the following are a few books I've read and enjoyed recently. (You can …
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