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What I’m Reading – February 2015

This month was  less prolific than last – in part because I have taken up knitting, which lends itself to TV-watching more than reading, sadly, but which is a marvelous stress reducer (until you have …
Reading Recommendations January 2015

What I’m Reading: January 2015

It’s no secret that I’m a big bookworm.  I was shocked to read recently that almost three quarters of Americans read fewer than ten books last year, and almost a quarter read NO BOOKS AT …
Summer Reading List

Summer Reading List

The Nuni has just joined the summer reading program at the library, and she is SUPER excited. This is the first summer she can really read, and she is taking all sorts of delight …

Chapter Book Series for Young Girls

The Nuni, lucky child that she is, gets read to every night before bed.  We started with board books, then moved on to picture books. Right around the time she was three, I decided that …

Eight Great Board Books to Read with your Child

<a href="" title="Board Books by The Domestic Front, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="333" alt="Board Books"/></a>The plus side of this exercise is that I was able to rediscover some of my favorite books from her babyhood, …
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