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Although countless Myers Briggs tests have named me an Extrovert, friendships are something I struggle with – I can be pleasant with many people and have a wide circle of acquaintances, but taking the relationship to the next friendship level is where things fall apart.  Apart from a couple of years in junior high, (which would have been unsurvivable without a close group of girlfriends), I never had that tight-knit group of friends.

Part of it was my friendship style – I had one or two close female friends, but I stayed far away from groups of women – too much drama!  Too much competition!  I was always more comfortable with men (despite having next to no interest in professional sports, I still get along well with men today, and most of my closest “work friends” are men).  Until I hit adulthood, and I realized I needed girlfriends, and I found my tribe – on the internet.  I’m telling my friendship story today on Ivy League Insecurities, a great blog run by writer (and former lawyer and college classmate) Aidan Donnelley Rowley.  Please go read it, and tell me your friendship stories.  Have you found your tribe?

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