Frugality, Part 1

So, um, I haven’t yet exceeded my grocery budget for the month but I have a little less than half of my normal grocery budget to work with this week to bring it in. (and I’m not even counting the order I just placed at the Spice House — whoops!) I have some stuff in the freezer to work with, a head of cabbage, probably some pasta, some tortillas, salads, some chicken tenders, prunes, olives, various pantry items. How can I get my grocery dollars to stretch?

And yeah, I could just go over budget this month, especially since we’re under for a lot of other things, but Mr. S gave me a dressing down this morning on the size of our food budget since one of his coworkers has a food budget that is $200 less than ours per month and they have another kid.

So this is followed by two questions:

1) What’s your grocery budget (and/or grocery spending) in a typical week and/or month?
2) What’s your favorite out of cash/pantry is bare dinner item?

Any other money saving tips on food?

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