Agnes of Dog

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Have you met Agnes?

Agnes 2

Agnes joined our family right before we lost Natalie. She’s not a replacement, but she is a comfort.

And a distraction.

Agnes is a puppy. That means she has a LOT of energy.

Agnes 5

And she likes to chew things.

Agnes 1

“Things” includes not only her toys and rawhide, but also my shoes, the Nuni’s toys, books, furniture, and the occasional baseboard in our house.
If you haven’t gathered, Agnes is a bit of a problem dog.

Agnes has a few special skills in addition to chewing. For example, she can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Agnes 4
(BTW, those tomatoes are taller than I am!)
Unfortunately, our house is devoid of tall buildings, so she uses this special skill to leap onto a) our bed, b) the kitchen table and c) the kitchen counters. Then she finds more things to chew.

Agnes 3

Special skills Agnes has not yet mastered include a) not peeing in the house; b) distinguishing neighbors walking their dog from fierce predators which require a lot of barking; c) actually climbing trees to catch the squirrels; and d) greeting people without leaping into the air.

If you haven’t gathered, Agnes is a bit of a problem dog.

We’d probably turn her into glue, but she does keep my feet warm every night. And I do get cold feet.

And she is a cuddlebug.

Agnes 6

A real cuddlebug.

Agnes 7

That’s Agnes. She’s part of our family now.


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