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Trader Joe’s Cheap Wine Pick: Seccola Italian Sparkling Wine

If you’ve been reading this blog for all of five second you will know that I’m a Trader Joe’s junkie. Part of it is hometown pride — the very first Trader Joe’s opened in Pasadena in 1967 (and that location is still one of my favorites). Part of it is a loyalty to their great dairy prices and fantastic, well-priced convenience foods, like shredded organic Tuscan kale, and almond flour. But part of it (and not a small part) is that Trader Joe’s has spoiled me for other wine merchants. Why spend $20 on a bottle of wine when you can spend $10? Or, let’s face it, $4? Everyone knows about Two Buck Chuck (not my favorite) but I thought I’d point you to some of the other dirt cheap well-priced wines I’ve found at Trader Joe’s.


Wine: Seccola Frizzante
Region: Italy
Style: Light and Sparkling White
Price: $3.99 a bottle

I mean, it’s sparkling wine for $4, and it’s not Andre (which I fondly remember drinking at my 18th birthday, held in my college dorm room, so no judgment, but still …) This is a light, sparkling wine with a hint of sweetness. If you’re familiar with champagne classifications, this isn’t as dry as a Brut (what most people think of when they think of champagne) but it’s not as sweet as a demi-sec. I don’t mind the sweetness — I like this as a pre-dinner aperitif on a warm night, when a little sweetness takes the edge off. It also plays very nicely with some of my favorite warm weather cuisines, like Mexican and Thai – anything with a bit of spice — and it would be great for brunch (I’d say in mimosas, but why ruin sparkling wine with orange juice? Still, if mimosas are your thing, this would make a great mimosa. Or a bellini.) The bubbles aren’t as fine as Dom Perignon, but it’s a definite bubbly – similar in style to many Proseccos. The genius of this particular bottle is that it comes with a screw top, so you can have just one glass with your guacamole, put the lid back on, and enjoy your bubbles the next day, too.

Seccola Label

7 comments to Trader Joe’s Cheap Wine Pick: Seccola Italian Sparkling Wine

  • Thanks for the tip. My husband and I are always looking for inexpensive wines to try at Trader Joe’s, especially reds. Would love to hear more recommendations!

  • How I love a glass of sparkling wine on a summer’s day. Our first Trader Joe’s opened in November (hallelujah!), but because we’re in Utah, there is not a single bottle of alcohol to be found on their shelves. I’ll have to look for this the next time I visit California.

    It was so good to meet you and your adorable little boy last weekend, Kate.

  • Row

    Great tip! Will be on the lookout for this on the next road trip to Trader Joe’s. Thanks! :)

  • Mary Flora

    Made your broccoli salad Wednesday and it was even more delicious yesterday!

  • Jill

    TJs doesn’t carry Seccola anymore! At least not in northern Calif. Now where do we find it? A great everyday bubbly.

    • Kate

      I just found that out! I’d try the Vinho Verde as a good sub at the same price point. It’s a little less sweet than the Seccola – one of my summer favorites.

  • Daniel

    I just bought one bottle of Seccola wine at Trader’s Joe’ yesterday 09/29/13. I like red wine, but I’ll try this just to see. My wife likes sparkling wine like Asti Spumante. I am always looking for a sweet wine for her.

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