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Pi Day Pie Round Up

It’s Pi Day!  That happy day when bakers and nerds collide!  Fun facts about Pi:

1) Pi is a number with an infinite, nonrepeating number of decimal places.  The first few are 3.1415926535 (which is why, incidentally, March 14, or 3.14 is known as “Pi Day” amongst a small, geeky subset of the population. [...]

Fresh Cranberry Pie with Marzipan and How to Make Pie Crust

You guys!  I made this pie because I was looking for a double crust pie so I could revisit my pie crust tutorial (a few things have changed in my go-to technique since the last one I posted), and most of my fruit pie fruits are not in season, but now I’m kind [...]

Fried Dried-Apple Hand Pies

When I talk family traditions and family recipes on The Domestic Front, I’m usually talking about my family – the family I was  born into, or the family I’ve made with Ken and Nuni and Boo.   My family is close (now that my cousin has moved back to LA from NYC, the farthest [...]

Peach Almond Slab Pie

Summer time is pie time. After years of resistance, I have come to love a good fruit pie, with juices running every which way. But as seasonal as it is, fruit pie is not often convenient for summer activities. It doesn’t go on road trips, or to the beach. It doesn’t slip into sack lunches for camp, or feed the crowd at the Friday night neighborhood barbecue. Enter slab pie. It may sound unprepossessing, but slab pie is a pinch hitter for summer fun. Sure, a higher crust to fruit ratio makes it neater to take along with you, but it’s also just a little sassier – big enough to feed a crowd, with a slick of icing and generous proportions, it’s the Fat Amy to regular fruit pie’s Becca. (Bonus points if you get my reference.) [...]

Spiced Cocoa Buttermilk Pie

Spiced Cocoa Pie Let me tell you a tale – a tale of four five six pies. [...]

Chicken Cobbler Pot Pie

eb57186e9737180c34d4fc7b0b8376b483f29b53 There are things I love, but I’m too lazy to make them often. Chicken and dumplings – a relatively simple dish — just seems exhausting to me. Cooking all that chicken! Making that soup! (Fortunately, my mom makes it relatively often, and usually invites me to share.) Then there are dishes that could be fairly straightforward to make, but that just don’t appeal to me. In this corner is chicken pot pie. I always want to like it — what’s not to like? Chicken, vegetables, gravy … but I always imagine it sitting like a lead weight in my stomach. (I think it’s the combination of pie crust and gravy. There’s a reason fruit pies are classic). During our recent spate of cold(ish) weather, I was mooning about what comfort food I’d like to make, and it hit me. A cross between Chicken and Dumplings and Chicken Pot Pie — chicken, vegetables, gravy, all topped with a savory parmesan biscuit cobbler topping. And this is the real genius part — it’s made with rotisserie chicken, so it’s EASY. I had to pat myself on the back. [...]

Fresh Grape Pie

Grape Pie 3 We get grapes from so many places around the world now that we forget to think of them as seasonal fruit, but anyone who lives in or near wine country knows that fall is the time of the grape harvest, and that applies to table grapes as well. The best, sweetest, most flavorful varieties abound in fall – the red, green and black grapes we see every day, but also the headily perfumed muscat grapes and the classically flavored concord grapes. I had long wanted to make a grape pie, but the grapes with the truest “grape” flavor — the flavor of grape juice and grape jelly — are Concord grapes, which are also famous for their grape seeds. [...]

Peanut Butter Pie for Mikey

When my dad died, well-wishers contacted me and asked, “What can I do?”

How do you answer that question? “Bring him back” “Turn back the clock” “Make me feel better”?

The truth is, it’s hard to do anything. The person you really want to talk to, to share the jokes with, to check in [...]

Mini Key Lime Yogurt Pies in Jars

Mini Key Lime Yogurt Pies in Jars
These tiny pies are fun. First of all – tiny pies? Always fun. Put them in jars and you double the fun (and make them super easy to transport for a picnic or a beach trip — see? More fun.) These are tart and refreshing and, unlike traditional key lime pies, light, low fat and relatively healthy. Lightened with egg whites, tangy with yogurt and lime juice, these mini pies are what summer was meant to be. [...]

Blueberry Corn Pie

Blueberry Corn Pie Whatever the inspiration, this is a pie to keep. The corn adds its own crunchy sweetness to the soft blueberries, and the native starch in the corn helps set the pie filling. Adding cornmeal to my standard butter crust also enhances the corn flavor as well as adding a nice crunch. The result is an all-American, height of summer pie to end all pies. Only of course, it won’t. [...]