Savour Fare is now The Domestic Front!

The Domestic Front BLog

Hey guys – I’m back with a pretty big announcement –  Savour Fare is now the Domestic Front!  Please update your bookmarks and links.

When I chose a name for this blog five and a half years ago, I knew nothing about naming things for the web.  I liked the pun!  I liked the English spelling of savoury!  Hyphens are AOK.  Now, several years later, the name that I once loved has become uncomfortable.  First, the topics I want to write about have expanded far beyond the original pure food blog I envisioned (though don’t worry – there will still be plenty of food), so the references to Savouring Fare seemed restrictive.  Second, even my closest friends can’t freaking remember how to spell my website’s name  – how am I supposed to expect the rest of the world to do it?

Why the Domestic Front?  I can’t get away from puns, it seems (daughter of two English professors – it’s in my blood!)  Seriously – I have a day job where I go to work and solve big problems and offer very smart advice and draft very long documents – I’m not going to write about that.  This is about the other front in my life – the family, the home, the kitchen, the library – life on the domestic front.  Also, I think that as food websites have proliferated, the very pretty, perfectly styled, extremely curated food blog is everywhere.  I wanted this to be a place where reality has a place, too.  Where I can talk about how my kids wouldn’t touch a cute bento box with a ten foot pole, how house decorating projects take literally years, how yes, we eat delicious and beautiful organic food cooked from scratch, but sometimes we have fish sticks.  Sometimes daily life does feel like a battle, and we must marshal our resources on the domestic front and fight the good fight.

The transition will (hopefully) happen over the next few weeks – the internal links have been updated, and I’m slowly making changes to social media accounts as well.  In the meantime, thanks for sticking around through change and growth (and a summer vacation that ended up being a little longer than I intended.)


xoxo, Kate

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Hello there!

Oh dear. I’m woefully behind, aren’t I? I’m sure some of you (I won’t go so far as to presume all of you) are sitting here scratching your heads, wondering where the hell I’ve gotten off to.

I will keep this brief since there is nothing more tedious than a blogger apologizing for not blogging: I’ve been lazy. Well, not entirely lazy. As I tell my husband when he chides me for spending ALL of Sunday morning in bed with the LA Times and my Kindle Fire, “I am growing a HUMAN BEING. I have been more productive in the past half hour than you will ever be in your LIFE.” I have been humming along, purchasing baby clothes on sale, planning a summer vacation, and actually working at work. But that does not make for good blog posts.

I wish I had some fabulous recipe for you but the truth is I haven’t been doing much cooking. I’ve been trying out recipes here and there, throwing together a couple of layer cakes, making some dinner, but I hate wrestling with artificial light and I just can’t get dinner cooked before the light goes. So you’re out of luck. I wish I could promise that things will be different in the summer, but there will be a certain baby boy who I suspect will be even more demanding on the outside than he is on the in. I promise not to abandon you, even if all I post about is bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches. See? You’re so fortunate.

I was going to post SOME pictures but flickr’s down, so I’m SOL on that one. Promise to return shortly.

Holiday with Matthew Mead — Now Available!


I don’t know if you remember back in August, when I told you I had had had the luck to work with Matthew Mead on his special holiday bookazine? Well, in exciting news the magazine is now available on newsstands, or in a special extended edition with more content directly from Holiday With Matthew Mead.

The magazine is full of tips and projects on holiday entertaining, decorating and cooking from a handful of talented bloggers and lifestyle gurus. All of the stories are shot beautifully by Matthew, style guru himself.


The cookie recipes I baked include:
Brown Butter Blackberry Financiers
Dulce de Leche Rice Krispy Treats
Iced Ginger Cookies
Cardamom Black Pepper Trees with Juniper Berry Glaze
Caramel Five Spice Snails
Cranberry Florentines
Chocolate Peppermint Tiffin
and of course, my favorite Bourbon Balls!

For a video preview of the full content of the magazine, please see the video posted on My Facebook Page