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PSA for RSS readers

Google reader is shutting its doors – today! If you’ve been reader Savour-Fare in google reader, you need to find another alternative so you don’t miss any posts. I’ve migrated my feeds to Feedly – it took only a few minutes and …
Hello there!

Hello there!

Oh dear. I’m woefully behind, aren’t I? I’m sure some of you (I won’t go so far as to presume all of you) are sitting here scratching your heads, wondering where the hell I’ve gotten off to. I will keep this brief …
Giveaway:  Autumn with Matthew Mead

Giveaway: Autumn with Matthew Mead

Today, finally, there is a hint, just a hint, of fall in the air. September is always like this. Friends across the country are talking about back to school, sweater weather, local apples, hot cocoa. Meanwhile, September is the hottest month in …

The Domestic Front, Everywhere

    I’ve been crazy busy folks.Thought I’d drop in today to let you know of a few more places you can find me! On the Web: I was asked by Stefanie of the FABULOUS home blog Brooklyn Limestone to write a …
A break

A break

My dog died yesterday. I can’t believe I’m writing this. It’s like my life is a country song. Natalie was a rescue dog, and she’s been part of our family for seven years. We got her the year after we were married, …
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