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Easy Quick Chicken Tortilla Soup and How to Add Flavor to Quick Soups

When it comes to dinner, I’m an obsessive planner.  With a full time job and an hour commute and two kids, my dinnertime meals are regimented.  But lunch is more spur of the moment.  Not exactly an afterthought, but definitely more of a “What do I feel like eating today?” meal.  And sometimes what [...]

Crispy Chinese Garlic Chicken Wings

I mentioned recently that I’ve been trying to cut out starches and sugars, and it has made a huge and positive impact on my energy levels. It’s pretty easy to eat regularly – lots of salads with homemade dressing (which I make anyway), lots of tasty meats, and cheese. But what is missing when [...]

Split Chicken Breasts with Goat Cheese and Pepper Jelly

Chicken Breasts with Goat Cheese and Pepper Jelly So today I’m offering you another chicken recipe. This one uses split breasts, with BONES (keep it juicy!) and SKIN (wonderfully crispy.) It’s also super-quick to assemble because I’m a fan of cooking for real life, though it will take some hands-off time in the oven. It’s a solution to yet another chicken breast dish syndrome, and it even tastes kind of fancy. [...]

Ten Ways to Use Roast Chicken

The fantasy: Your house is clean. Your children have finished their homework and are playing by themselves quietly and without incident. You have the time to chop, sauté and simmer, and fill your house with good smells as you make a leisurely, healthy dinner, which your delighted family eats with enthusiasm.

The reality: There [...]

Summer Vacation I – New York and Street Chicken and Rice

Street Meat Fortunately, Serious Eats came to my rescue and developed a recipe for street meat. The first time I made it, the scent of the rice instantly carried me back to that summer, and I was, however briefly, 24 again. It has since become a serious staple in our house. Relatively easy to make, good to reheat, excellent to take to families with new babies and a frequent request made by my homesick husband. The Nuni loves it because I let her make the white sauce all by herself (it’s hard to screw up and a good way to train her to taste and season). In fact, it is, I would venture, even better than the original. [...]

Chicken Bouillabaisse (Electric Pressure Cooker Recipe)

Bouillabaisse 2
Along the Cote D’Azur, pretty much every restaurant offers a version of fish soup. Made with the local catch, it is always served with croutons, rouille (a garlic and saffron mayonnaise), and cheese. I had been craving a good soupe de poissons but not the trip to the fishmonger to get the bones to make the stock and the fish to puree into the soup and .. . well, you get the idea. Chicken bouillabaisse, though less traditional, is infinitely simpler, and offers many of the same flavors. I make mine with fennel, herbes de provence, and, because I had it, a pinch of lavender, all of which are ubiquitous in that part of the world. Served with the requisite croutons, rouille, and cheese, I could almost imagine myself on a terrace covered with rosemary, sipping my chilled rose next to the Mediterranean. [...]

Chicken Liver Mousse

Chicken Liver Mousse 2
With all the holiday entertaining, it’s nice to have a couple of good appetizers up your sleeve — something that can be served to guests or brought along to a party. Something that can liven up a meal of leftovers, or even make for lunch on the day when a festive dinner is taking up your attention. This chicken liver mousse is one of my absolute favorites. It can (should) be made ahead, is just decadent enough, and is cheap to make. I buy organic, air-chilled chicken livers at Whole Foods (because they always have them) and they cost $1.50 for the whole recipe’s worth. [...]

Apple Cider Pulled Chicken Sandwiches with Apple Slaw

BBQ Chicken Apple Sandwiches
When Kitchen Play and the U.S. Apple Association asked me to develop a healthy and family-friendly entree made with apples, I was thrilled. Apples are a great snack, sure, but their crunch and nice balance between tartness and acidity makes them a great addition to many savory foodstuffs too. I elected to make a barbecue pulled chicken recipe using apple cider and apple cider vinegar, paired in sandwiches with a crunchy coleslaw that’s brightened with chunks of sour sweet apples. The ones I had available were Gala apples, but this would be great with any firm and crunchy apple — my beloved empires, fuji apples, or even granny smith. This is a great recipe to share with the family. The Nuni ate it up and pronounced it “yummy”, my husband loved it, and my mom asked for seconds. It comes together quickly, and makes great leftovers for brown bag lunches the next day. [...]

Provencal Grilled Chicken Breasts and Fennel

Provencal Grilled Chicken
I threw this together one night and based it on the flavors from a summer in the South of France — saffron and garlic and fennel from Bouillabaisse, garlic and wine and oranges and herbs de provence from everything else. It takes no time to put together, and I wasn’t even planning to share it (hence the lack of carefully styled photography) but it was too good not to. This is going on the menu again and again this summer (and maybe into fall and winter too — there are advantages to living in Los Angeles.) [...]

Pretzel Crusted Chicken Breasts

Pretzel Chicken 3 Somehow, chicken has become the default American protein. It’s understandable, I suppose. We’re still a meat and potatoes culture at heart; the day is far away that we will generally wholeheartedly embrace legumes as the fallback. Eggs have too much cholesterol, dairy too much fat. Eating seafood involves navigating a minefield of ethical, environmental and safety issues, with buzzwords like “Mercury”, “Overfishing”, “PcBs”. Plus, a lot of (misguided) people just won’t eat fish, because it’s too … fishy. (Go figure.) Beef has its own issues with the environment and health issues, leading many people to “give up red meat” for unspecified reasons. And they usually lump in lamb, too. Pork is either too fatty or too lean, depending on who you’re talking to. And so we’re left with chicken. Preferably boneless, skinless chicken breasts, the completely inoffensive meat. All of this is tongue and cheek of course, as I like a varied diet and believe in everything in moderation, but we do find ourselves eating chicken at least once a week, on average. And so I’m always looking for new and tasty ways to prepare what has become, for most of us, a staple. Without resorting to the use of ingredients like grape jelly, pandan extract or fairy dust, the application of “foam”, or freeze drying anything. [...]